Remembering Nora York, Lightning Rod for Beauty and Truth

courtesy WNYC
photo by Stepanie Berger/ courtesy WNYC

I was saddened to read Daniel E. Slotnick’s New York Times obituary about singer Nora York, and to learn that she’d died at 60 of pancreatic cancer.
York’s was a voice worth hearing for both its musical qualities and its focus on the intersections of beauty and justice. She was a force to be reckoned with, popping up in varying contexts through the years. She was also a friend. We’d encouraged each other at critical moments, though we’d recently fallen out of touch.
I don’t agree that, as Slotnick wrote, she “intrigued audiences with bold mashups of jazz, rock and other genres”—her creations were too fully formed and fluid, and never sounded mashed-up.
Yet he otherwise characterized and quoted her well: Continue reading “Remembering Nora York, Lightning Rod for Beauty and Truth”